Multiple Public keys for one SFTP account?

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Multiple Public keys for one SFTP account?

Postby bigcolwell » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:25 pm


I searched the forums and could not turn up this particular scenario apologies if already posted.

Wondering if its possible in WingFTP to setup multiple valid public keys with one FTP account when using Limit>SSH public key path option. Note I am using password less SSH. I had been working around this previously by creating a new ID for each server that needs to access (then just point to the same location). However as this grows it will become more difficult plus this client would like to use the same ID to simplify their scripts across dev, test and prod environments.

I have tried appending the public key file (paste in the second key below the first) but the first server connects no problem the second gives "Public key authentication failed."

Note I am running WingFTP server 4.1.3
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Re: Multiple Public keys for one SFTP account?

Postby FTP » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:41 pm

Not possible, one user one password, or one user one SSH public key.
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